The Ebionites were the Original Disciples of Jesus, who faithfully preserved his teachings of TheWay. They were Spiritual Israel, and could enter in and out of the Inner Kingdom. The Gentiles were too pagan and heathen to comprehend and embrace the teachings of Jesus, and the Church very quickly became corrupted and spiritually disenfranchised. This remains true to this very day.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Letter To An Atheist - Truth Interrupted

Greetings John W. Loftus:
I found your review of the Bart D. Ehrman book, Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing The Hidden Contradictions in the Bible very interesting.   And I took note that you are the author of Why I Became An Atheist, and The Christian Delusion.   I also looked over your other reviews (see Reviews Written by John W. Loftus).
I took particular attention to your statement: He (Ehrman) begins by describing the difference between a vertical reading of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) with a horizontal reading of them. A vertical reading is simply taking one Gospel at a time and reading through it. A horizontal reading, however, is where we place the gospels side by side and read them together to see the differences in the accounts. When we read the Gospels horizontally we find discrepancies, irresolvable differences, and even contradictions, not only in the small details, but also when it comes to major ideas presented by the authors.
What the modern scholars fail to understand is the fact that the countless discrepancies are not really discrepancies at all, because they were intentionally inserted into the text so that the scriptures could not be read literally.   And while in your case the intent of the original authors has been fulfilled because you have come to reject the written text as being gravely flawed, you are yourself as much of a victim as the faith-based believers you attack in your writings.   In all instances, it was quasi-secular and government intervention into the affairs of religion, that left the great void that has left believer and critic alike spiritually sterile and destitute.  
Throughout all times the authors of the scriptures and the genuine spiritual shepherds have been perpetually hunted down as heretics -- and thus, they were forced to use the common believer as a type of mule that unknowingly carried a Spiritual Trojan Horse from each time-period into the next.   And while I am still in the process of re-editing the document, the article that explores this Trojan Horse reality is An In Convenient Truth (see http://Ebionite.com/AnInconvenientTruth.htm ).   And that modern quantum physics has already proven the vision of the mystic and author of the scriptures to be true, is presented at http://TheThreeLies.com#ScienceProves .     And in this chapter of The Three Lies the article explores why the authors intentionally inserted quasi-historical accounts that were not true, and possessed no degree of accuracy.    
While you are correct that faith-based believers have been duped, so too has the modern critic such as yourself.   By design, when someone such as yourself realized that the Church Father Origen was correct, and only a "simpleminded ...idiot" could believe the literal text of the scriptures, when you posed questions there was supposed to be a person of wisdom and insight there to guide you into uncovering the true meaning of the text.   But, in the case of Christianity, it was government control of the Church and its doctrine, that used their armies to silence the men of wisdom -- causing the society to spiral down into the Dark Ages of absolute ignorance from which they have yet to immerge.  
Fortunately, because the faith-based believers were used as mules, and they carried with them a Spiritual Trojan Horse that possessed the innate ability to act as a catalyst for the few -- and the government is not at this time hunting down the people of wisdom and spiritual insight -- the time has arrived where the truth can be told with respect to many of the important questions you raise.   In Daniel Murphy's review of Ehrman's book he writes  "What to do with the very clear evidence that some of the currently accepted gospels have been tampered with over time, with later versions of the gospels inserting whole passages that are absent from the earliest texts of the canonical books that have been recovered? What to do with some Pauline letters clearly not written by Paul (they contain references to events that didn't happen until after Paul had died)? Professor Ehrman has some cogent thoughts on the matter."   And from a more spiritual perspective, this problem is explored at http://BibleCorruption.com .   
If the Church over the first three centuries of our Common Era hadn't perpetually tampered with the text, then the most ignorant within the Church would have never been annexed by Pagan Rome in the fourth century -- wherein, a series of emperors provided the power to wipe out all those who refused to accept the religion of the emperor.   And because they had -- like the Pharisees, thrown away the Key of Knowledge -- the greater part of the Church has remained spiritually destitute to this very day.   But the fact of the matter is, that both the Ebionite Nazirenes and the Spiritual (Gnostic) Christians who were representative of the true people of the New Covenant, were hunted down and murdered.   And once the soul and spirit of the Church was gone, all that was left was a corpse that unknowing faith-based believers continue to garnish in remembrance of what once was.    But fortunately for mankind, in the manner of mules they carried with them the Spiritual Trojan Horse that had locked within the body, the potential to restore the necessary knowledge to defeat the ignorance that afflicted mankind because of secular and pseudo-sectarian intervention into the core teachings of the Church.  
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Allan Cronshaw
PO Box 780
Graham, NC 27253
aka Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus
 cc: Daniel Murphy
        Bart Ehrman

Monday, January 03, 2011

Letter To WallBuilders - The Constitution From A Deist Perspective

Greetings David Barton:

While I have listened to you countless times on the Glenn Beck program -- and while you and Judge Napolitano are a great asset to those seeking to understand their God-Given Constitutional Rights -- there is an important element to the equation that you are missing.  And while you have an excellent perspective, your positions would be completed if you understood the meaning and purpose of the phrase: "...the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them...", from the original Deist perspective.   And this perspective of the Laws that only Judge Napolitano seems to have a grasp of is so important, that I dedicate three subheading/chapters beginning at Deism And The First Amendment to exploring. 

Once understood from the original perspective, the Constitution truly is a Gift from God that the American people are presently squandering away.   In addition to the foregoing, the subheading entitled Deists, And The Homogenization Factor, and the last subheading entitled Deism - The Laws - And The Two Creation Accounts, contain important facts from the Deist perspective that will strengthen each and every position you are presently presenting to the people you speak to.   You can probably read the three subheading/chapters in about 15 minutes, but it will open whole new doors into the original objectives of the Constitution that is not at all understood by the Secular Progressives.

GodSpeed in TheWay,

Allan Cronshaw

cc:  Judge Andrew Napolitano
       Glenn Beck