The Ebionites were the Original Disciples of Jesus, who faithfully preserved his teachings of TheWay. They were Spiritual Israel, and could enter in and out of the Inner Kingdom. The Gentiles were too pagan and heathen to comprehend and embrace the teachings of Jesus, and the Church very quickly became corrupted and spiritually disenfranchised. This remains true to this very day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Religious Freedom Denied In Canada - The Path To Communism

Greetings to all Canadians, and Free Thinkers,

A few days ago a solidarity of Christians, Jews, and Sikhs addressed city hall in Vancouver to speak out on their right to worship, and living in accord with their religious beliefs, which includes serving the poor. When a union of such interfaith is reached, it must be a sign that something is drastically amiss.

(See: http://www.streamsofjustice.org/ )

The above link shows that Tenth Avenue Alliance Church has been charged with complaints. Rather than reach out to solve the problem at the source, those people complaining would turn away their fellow brothers and sisters and grumble against those who strive to live the Royal Law, and help others that are in need. City hall has stated that Tenth Avenue Alliance requires a license, and since this action is in violation of people's most basic right - outreach and practicing charity, the community has responded in opposition.

At least as important as the issue of giving to the poor is the issue of our children. To those who would neglect the children, the Bible issues the following warning, "But whoso shall cause one of these little ones that believe on me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a great millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be sunk in the depth of the sea" (Matt 18:6 ASV). When we fail to protect those who place their trust in us - who are unable to protect themselves, then we are responsible for the outcome.

For the past two days many protesters have been rallying outside of Montebello, Que. to show their disgust at the leaders of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, but there is another tragedy that all Christians, and indeed all Canadians should be concerned about. History has shown us, it does not matter what the leaders plan if the people are united against it - they will be forced to listen to us, or they will lose all their power. I therefore ask these same people to come together and to be joined with fellow worshipers across the country on the issue of governmental interference on children.

While our leaders are hammering out ideas as to the future of North America, in the backdrop our government is walking over the rights of all free people, effectively stating that loving parents are a danger to their children - all because they refuse to compromise their system of beliefs, in favor of governmental mandate. Why should a Mennonite community in Quebec be forced to teach a theory on evolution simply because it is a politically correct ideology? The Ministry of Education, Recreation, and Sport in Quebec apparently disagrees and threatens legal action. The offense? This community does not have certified teachers and does not adhere to a strict curriculum that promotes ideologies inconsistent with their religious practice. This community would rather move than have to give up its fundamental beliefs. Something is wrong with this picture.

No harm is being done to society and others -- these are Christians that have values and standards and want to live in peace. Yet allegiance to a higher authority and the desire to live by higher laws means that these Christians are outlaws. The Mennonite community is not a bunch of terrorists, yet the government is treating them as such. Is what this government proposes any better than what happened in Germany this past year where Melissa Busekros was taken away from her home and her parents in the presence of fifteen police and further she was placed in a psychiatric hospital because she was diagnosed with a "school phobia," and subsequently moved, with her location undisclosed to her parents? While she later returned home when she was legally permitted to do so, what was her crime? How do we as a free society of people permit governmental threats that state if parents do not comply, their children will be punished, under the presumption that an outside agency knows what is best for our families? Threats must always be backed up with force - but what force is acceptable to remove these children from their parents?

Under the guise of "education" the government is attempting to force the break-up of these families. Christians are taught in their scriptures that they reap what they sow. Those who sow complacency will only reap the rewards of oppression and tyranny, and so does the Bible warn believers, "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth" (Rev 3:15-16).

Christians should be outraged at the government's position, and rather than complacently permit this evil to occur, they should be putting government back into its place - to serve the community and to keep order between provinces and territories made up of many communities, not to tell us what and how we must teach our children. Nikita Khrushchev warned Americans, and rather than understand the prophecy he proclaimed, Canada may have walked too far down that road of socialism to be able to separate itself from such atrocity. Mr. Khrushchev stated, "We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism." Does Canada have any inclination to look back? Or is the government already too far gone?

Free society is an interdependent network that operates on the principle of tolerance and segregation. Tolerance does not mean that everyone must hold to one politically correct view. Rather, tolerance can only persist based on differences - you cannot tolerate those who are in agreement. The body also operates on interdependence, and anyone who knows anything about the body knows that it can only function due to segregation of organs and tissues. If we attempted to make our body a single cell - a single thought or mandate, we would be devolving to what is called an amoeba. Just as you cannot have tolerance if everyone thinks the same, you cannot have a whole and healthy society that is made up of a body of one thought - all you will have is a devolved state of mind and mental disease will prevail, like has already been demonstrated from the German authorities.

Which of us would want our family, or our community's families, to be persecuted by our government for religious practices? One of the first things that Adolf Hitler did when he came to power was to make home schooling illegal - this condition persists in Germany today. He must have known that when you take control of the mind of a child you take control of the future. When we are dictated to, in denial of our religious beliefs, the government is telling us that we are not capable of governing our own future in a responsible manner.

These are loving and responsible parents who want to see what is best for their children, without governmental interference. No one is being educated to be irresponsible citizens, yet if the government mandates what must be taught, in opposition to the religious practices of these Christians, then they are effectively saying that parents are not qualified to be able to teach their own children and prepare them for society.

Mennonites want to keep their children away from the secular mindset which includes the teachings of the theory of evolution, yet if we let the government have its way, who then will be left to protect our rights when the government decides that we are the criminals? As bystanders, will we silently watch as the government executes its authority on our behalf? This is a government that must want to drive these people out from the county, leaving them no alternative.

When my grandparents came to this country it was to escape oppression. My grandparents survived the shifting border of Austria/Poland/Ukraine through WWI. They left their country and homes just before WWII - Germany invaded Poland within one year of their arrival in Canada. It has not even been 100 years since they came to this land. What did they come for? You cannot escape an abuse of power when you permit it to occur in your own backyard.

Our heads of state have been meeting to determine what is to be done with North America, yet what matters most is what the public is willing to do about those who are being persecuted by the provincial government. People came to colonial America to escape religious persecution. Have we now turned back upon ourselves so much that people must leave this country in order to have freedom? As Walt Kelly so eloquently stated the truth, "We have met the enemy and he is us." We cannot stand as a nation that prides itself on its multiculturalism when our government is instituting an illegitimate reality. If we are going to complacently allow government to dictate what our children must be taught, then we have already lost our faith and there is little point in dwelling in a carcass that we call our religious belief.

Emmanuel Pohoreski
Surrey, B.C.

For further thoughts on this issue please refer to the additional link:

I also include a letter to the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport; Minister of the Family, in Quebec, for those who would write to her. Feel free to sign your name at the bottom and send it to the following email address: ministre@mels.gouv.qc.ca

Minister Contact information on the Web:

Bonjour/Greetings Hon. Michelle Courchesne,

As a responsible citizen I am concerned about the treatment and the interaction that your office has had with the Mennonite community in Roxton Falls, Quebec. The action that is being taken by the Ministry is tantamount to harassment and is in denial of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, whereby religious freedoms are intended to be preserved:

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.

The Ministry must stop its abuse of power immediately, or risk losing valuable members of the community and country. This action is not in the interests of Provincial matters, nor does it help the welfare of the country, further it is a violation of fundamental rights. Should the people unite against this injustice will it be the Minister's response to outlaw all those who teach their children in accordance with their religious beliefs? An example cannot be made out of responsible and concerned citizens; such a thing is intolerable. I urge the Minister to reconsider the position of the Ministry and I leave her with the following question: what action would the Ministry take if the Minister's own children were involved?


Emmanuel Pohoreski,
Surrey, B.C.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Save Canada From Self-Destruction

When a deranged person points a gun to their head, and is on the verge of pulling the trigger, sane people attempt to intercede -- knowing that lives can be saved through resolving problems without the finality of taking a life. In like manner, when a person endangers themselves because of their own ignorance, informed knowledgeable people attempt to enlighten the uninformed misguided people whose ignorance poses a danger to themselves and others. A responsible adult safeguards the children in their care from countless threats to their wellbeing and safety. And in fact, a parent whose irresponsibility threatens the life of their child, can in fact be prosecuted.

Every aspect of the lives we live is an acknowledgement of the Laws that impact and often control us. We know that if we jump off a tall building, that the effect of the Law of Gravity will orchestrate our destruction as body impacts the ground. And any person who attempts to defy the Law of Gravity, and attempts to step off a high roof and walk on the air, is seen as a deranged person who is a danger to themselves. A person who drives an automobile in a reckless manner, is inhibited from driving, because they endanger the wellbeing of others. We understand the relationship of the Laws of Cause and Effect -- and how the speed of an object and the resulting effect of a collision that is responsible for bringing about the death and destruction that ensues when the actions of an irresponsible driver threaten the lives and wellbeing of others. And while most people could not define the underlying Laws that come into play in the manner of a Quantum Physicist, every aspect of our life is immersed in a conscious prediction with respect to the workings of these Laws and the direct effect and impact upon our lives.

Emerging out of the profound ignorance of our own science of the past, the modern Quantum Physicist has now proven what the Mystic and Spiritual Visionary has known all along -- i.e., that all events in this world are brought about by underlying causes in what man perceives as an Etheric Field that surrounds all physical matter. And in the same way that the forces of nature are all subservient to the causal elements in the underlying Etheric Field, so too is the events that move and shape the daily lives that each of us lives. On the web site http://UnityOfMind.org , it is demonstrated how modern Quantum Physics has proven what the Mystic has known all along -- i.e., that every event in the physical world, is caused and brought about by an underlying causal force in the Etheric Field that is beyond the normal perception of organic man. And in fact, the whole purpose of the path of the Mystic, is to enlarge the senses -- which activate dormant spheres of mind -- enabling the Mystic to see and understand what organic man is blind to by virtue of the limitations of his normal physical body. And that man has the ability to perceive the underlying causes of all events by peering into the Etheric Field that Quantum Physicists have now begun to understand, is the primary opposition presented in the Mystics rejection of such things as the blanket seatbelt laws (see http://Ebionite.com/seatbelt.htm ). In the article which questions whether Jews are seekers of Truth (see http://brotherofyeshua.blogspot.com/2007/03/abject-jewish-ignorance-are-jews.html ), it is demonstrated that Jewish Mystics such as Rabbi Isaac Luria, understood the relationship of cause and effect that is one of the main topics of the Bible -- and especially the New Testament prior to the corruption of the scriptures (see http://BibleCorruption.com ) -- which cast the Christian world into profound ignorance with the removal of the teaching of the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes (see http://ChristianReincarnation.org ). And this is expressed in the biblical warning that each person reaps what they have previously sown -- and that each person inherits the fruit of their own ways. And that most Jews and Christians are in denial of the Truth of Reality, is demonstrated in the reaction and outrage when Rabbi Ovadia Yosefan stated that the Jews who died in the holocaust, were merely inheriting the debts incurred in their own past lives (see http://brotherofyeshua.blogspot.com/2007/03/do-jews-desire-to-know-truth.html ).

How does this equate to the role of the United States attempting to help Canadians who are in effect, bringing about their own self-destruction? A self-destruction as sure as when a deranged people point a loaded gun to their heads -- or a self-destruction which caused millions of Jews to be born into a life where they would perish in the holocaust? By extending Canada a hand which would lessen the impact of their own ignorant actions as they wantonly violate the Laws -- much in the manner of a reckless driver who floors the gas peddle of his car, while turning the steering wheel into a great crowd of people.

In an article originally covered by the National Post of Canada entitled Mennonites May Flee Qubec Town (see National Post) -- an article that was also covered in WorldNetDaily and other web news publications, it tells of how the government is threatening to remove the Mennonite children from their families because of their refusal to teach their children Darwin's Theory of Evolution -- a theory that has not only been proven wrong by modern Quantum Physicists (see http://UnityOfMind.org ), as well as being questioned by Darwin himself in his later life. And while those who ascribe to the Theory of Evolution have every right to embrace this out-modeled fossilized ignorance, the effect of the Canadian government's threat to remove the Mennonite Children from their families, can in fact be compared to the causal forces that Mystics correctly warned brought about such things as the holocaust -- as well as the very underlying causes of most of human suffering, including the very reason for the presence of evil in the world. By persecuting the Mennonites, the Canadian government will bring about a corresponding persecution of all Canadians in the future in direct proportion to their own actions -- or in the case of the Canadian people, their complacency to this violation of God-Given UnAlienable Rights that each Mennonite innately inherits from their Creator-God. The result will be that at some time in the future, every Canadian who is complacent to their government's denial of these God-Given Rights of the Mennonite Community, will in the manner of the victims of the holocaust, experience lifetimes where they suffer the loss of their own children.

In the same way that a rational person would attempt to intercede when a person points a loaded gun to their head, the United States should immediately offer to accept these Mennonites as refugees who have been persecuted and denied their fundamental freedom and liberty by a government which is apathetic to fundamental human rights and the Laws of Creation. By opening our door to these persecuted Mennonites, we as Americans will be lessening the impact of when the Laws return to the Canadian people the fruit of their own actions and complacency to act responsibly -- and we would in effect help alleviate future suffering that the Law of Cause and Effect will impose upon all Canadians when they inherit the fruit of their own previous actions. While the founding organic documents of the United States express a knowledge of the Laws of Nature, and Nature's God -- and the reality of these Laws which are the basis of the Bill of Rights has been proven by modern Quantum Physicists (see http://UnityOfMind.org ) -- which Laws have been well attested to by Mystics and men of Spiritual Vision -- the government of Canada chooses to blindly ignore what both religion and science has proven to be true. And in the same way that the Laws of a speeding projectile in the form of a bullet directed towards the head of a person will bring about their demise, if the Canadian government continues to deny these Mennonites their fundamental God-Given Rights -- invoking the Laws of Cause and Effect -- then the Canadian people will themselves suffer loss in the future as each reaps what they have previously actively or complacently sown. Thus, We the People of the United States should attempt to save the Canadian people from their own reckless violation of the Laws that will bring about their future demise.

Brother of Yeshua/Jesus

Friday, August 03, 2007

Epistle Of Light To Pope John Paul II

Dave Stalker writes: I am interested in forwarding a copy of your Epistle of Light to Pope Benedict XVI (regarding the uncorrupted scriptures that he has within his power to release to the public). I just wanted to first confirm with you that this is acceptable since the epistle was written with Pope John Paul II in mind?
Shalom Dave:
If I were you, I would suggest to everyone you know -- and especially to all Christians, Jews and Muslims -- to send a copy/link of the Epistle Of Light ( http://EpistleOfLight.com ) to Pope Benedict XVI. What radical Islam is doing at the present, is really no different than what the Church of Rome did to both the Ebionites and the Spiritual Christians who refused to accept the religion of the emperor (see The Death Of The Religion of Jesus). And in the same way that radical Muslims charge the Christians with using corrupted scriptures in order to worship Jesus as God, the same is also true of Islam -- as detailed in my reply to Dr. James Zogby and TomPaine.com on Sept. 20, 2006 (see Reply To Islam Not The Problem). The problem is that while each of the three religions preserve certain truths that are absent in the other two, all three use corrupted scriptures, and none of the three represents the essential teachings and objectives of their founders. As demonstrated in the article entitled The Three Lies ( http://TheThreeLies.com ), the vast majority of the members of Judaism, Christianity or Islam, have little to no understanding of the original objectives of their own respective religions -- and each have been equally corrupted by their own past religious leaders.
Contrary to the popular opinion held by the religious world, God does not want the people of this world to know the Truth -- not without desiring to Live the Truth. And while this may sound strange to the average person who has been taught by countless religious leaders that they know the Truth, a simple reading of the Divine Strategery web site ( http://DivineStrategery.com ) will very quickly present the facts that few religious leaders would even be willing to acknowledge. And while there is always a handful of souls in the world during any time-frame of man's past who did and does know the Truth, these few are generally condemned as heretics by the world's religious leaders who for the most part peddle God for their own profit and power. And what it boils down to is this -- i.e., the only souls who can know the Truth, are the few who are themselves willing to live the Truth, in word, thought, desire and deed. And fundamentally, the religious leaders of the world are more interested in money and power, than in actually living the Truth in TheWay.
As stated in the Epistle of Light and also in a Letter To President Bush, it is the Roman Catholic Church which is responsible for the world conflict -- and the Laws brought about a confrontation that was set before both Pope John Paul II, and his successor Benedict XVI, to repent from their own evil past, and bring true healing to the world. And this could easily be accomplished, by giving back to the world the important uncorrupted scriptures that they have been concealing in the Vatican Archives. And while there exist five (5) Libraries of scriptures that would be re-discovered if there were a community of believers who desired to know the Truth (see Pure Scriptures), because the non-Catholic Churches have themselves remained complacent to seeking the Truth and TheWay, the religious world has chosen the road of conflict over Truth and Light. And the fact that George Bush did not himself respond to the pope that there is evidence which suggests that the fires of conflict and dissension are in fact being fueled by the lies and sin of the Church, then President Bush has himself missed a great opportunity to free the religious world from the shackles of ignorance and corruption that presently enslaves them.
As an ordinary person who is most often victimized by the religious and political leaders of the world, all people who desire Truth and Light have the opportunity to make a statement. The world does not need war and the shedding of blood. The world does not need empty treaties that are perpetually violated even before the ink dries. The world needs Truth, Light and Peace -- and this can only be brought about, when the error and corruption of the past is revealed and overcome. And the only thing that has the power to bring Peace about in the world, is when the people begin to demand the Truth. If either the Vatican was to release certain key scriptures that they are withholding from the world, or the five (5) remaining Libraries were to be re-discovered, the whole complexion of western religion would have to radically change. When John Lennon pleaded: Give Peace A Chance -- the only reason there is conflict in the world, is because the average person such as yourself has been denied access to the Truth by the worlds religious and political leaders who use conflict and ignorance for their own personal and political gain. And the solution is neither war, or another empty treaty -- but rather, the Truth and the Light of TheWay that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed all taught (see http://TheThreeLies.com ) -- but remains an enigma to modern man.
If enough people demand the Truth, then the Laws which control this world must respond accordingly. Like the song Let My People Go, if enough people have had their fill of not only conflict and war, but of ignorance and suffering -- and they begin to demand the Truth with respect to what is presented in the Epistle of James To Pope John Paul II, then the Laws which control this world, must satisfy this demand for the Truth. So in answer to your question: If I were you, I would get as many people as I could to demand the Truth. And to assist your efforts, I will make this letter today's Blog entry, and re-send the reply to TomPaine.com at editor@TomPaine.com .
GodSpeed in TheWay,
Brother Of Yeshua/Jesus